StarHub to air public service content

StarHub to air public service content

StarHub will produce public service broadcasts under government funding, alongside national broadcaster MediaCorp - a first for a pay-TV operator here.

The telco will receive up to $6 million from the Media Development Authority (MDA) to produce and commission up to 100 hours of PSB content.

MediaCorp has traditionally been the sole commissioning platform for PSB programmes, which aim to promote national values and celebrate the Singapore identity, culture and heritage.

PSB programmes have also been primarily aired on MediaCorp's free-to-air TV and radio channels.

To qualify for the funding, StarHub will have to invest in producing the programme and then make it accessible to the public for free, regardless of the media platform. The cable TV operator declined to disclose its planned investment.

Last year, the MDA dished out about $110 million in funding for PSB production, with the bulk going to MediaCorp.

StarHub's funding will come under the Public Service Broadcast Contestable Funds Scheme, set up in July last year to extend the reach and improve the quality of PSB content.

The scheme in turn falls under a total of $812 million in funding earmarked for PSB programmes for five years from last year.

The increased funding - from $470 million for the previous five years - was just one of a slew of changes following an 18-month review of the performance of such programmes.

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