StarHub confirms problems with its 3G network in western and central Singapore

Update at 6:30pm - StarHub's 3G outgoing voice call service has been fully restored at 5pm in the affected areas of western and central Singapore. 

"We are monitoring the situation closely to ensure service stability for our customers," a StarHub spokesman told AsiaOne.

StarHub said that some customers who were within the affected areas experienced the disruption to their outgoing voice call function, but could not confirm the numbers.

StarHub is currently investigating the cause of the disruption.

SINGAPORE - Telco StarHub has confirmed that it is experiencing problems with its 3G network in certain parts of the west and central areas of Singapore.

In their Facebook page on Tuesday, StarHub described the problem as an 'intermittent 3G outgoing voice call issue", and added that services are being restored progressively.

A StarHub spokesman told AsiaOne that it is working towards full resolution for customers as quickly as possible.

Affected customers on StarHub's Facebook page said that outgoing calls were possible after they switched to StarHub's 2G network, as advised by StarHub hotline 1633 operators.