Start 'cut food wastage' drive

I share Food Bank Singapore co-founder Nichol Ng's view that food wastage is a major concern and that it is time we addressed this issue ("Plenty we can do to cut food wastage"; last Wednesday).

I also find its mission of distributing unwanted but still-good food to people who need it very meaningful.

One way to raise awareness and reduce food wastage is to start a Cut Food Wastage campaign, to educate food and beverage outlets as well as households and consumers on the benefits of recycling food waste.

People should be taught to discard food waste properly, for example, by separating it from other waste.

The recycling of food waste should be mandated, and means should be provided to allow for its conversion into renewable energy or other useful materials like fertiliser.

With the huge increase in food wastage, we should not delay reducing and recycling food waste.

Annie Ng (Ms)

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