Uni belle boasts about active dating life

Sat, Apr 3, 2010

A university student from Shanghai has become an minor Internet sensation after posting online juicy titbits about her active dating life.

She claims that she goes out on five dates every week with boys and netizens, as she is "very attractive for netizens".

Calling herself the "Shanghai University campus beauty", she makes dating boys out to be a public service of sorts, even complaining that it is "so tiring" to go to hotels.

She posted: "The boys in the school all like to kiss me, and I do not have the heart to refuse them, so I just treat it as kissing practice.

"Now when I take photographs, I also like to pout, and with the addition of my long beautiful legs, I am still very attractive for netizens.

"Pretty much five dates with boys and netizens during each seven-day week, what can I do? And going to hotels, so tiring.

"Everyday I have to change my style, make myself up, so bothersome. However, I am still very pleased with myself.

"Everyone give me some ideas. First show-off myself.

"I am a Shanghai University campus beauty. Remember that." » Your say

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