China criticises car show for scantily clad models

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AsiaOne & China Daily/Asia News Network

The Beijing authorities have issued a "serious reprimand" for an ongoing car exhibition that has stirred controversy for its scantily clad models.

The Beijing Capital Ethics Development Office said that the revealing clothing of some models - including a deep V-neck top and a skimpy diamond-studded dress - at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has a "negative social impact".

According to online reports the statement is believed to be referring to controversial celebrity Gan Lulu and BMW model Li Ying Zhi.

Gan Lulu, who has been in the news for attacking her mother who had filmed Gan walking naked in her house, wore a suit with a plunging neckline which was also almost backless.

Li Ying Zhi wore the translucent skimpy diamond-studded dress as she posed in front of a BMW vehicle.

Netizens from China's online community are split as the comment on the models' choice of attire. Some have even gone to the extent of saying the models have turned the event into "a breast exhibition with many famous cars."

Chinese media reported that Chinese authority criticised the "vulgar publicity" surrounding the models. The exhibition's organizers were asked to correct the situation on Thursday to ensure that it does not happen again.

The 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, which opened on Monday and end on May 2, features 1,125 cars from both domestic and international companies.

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Photos: AFP, Reuters, Range Rover, Internet, www.moko.cc/marilying, Facebook
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