Netizens comment on Facebook CEO's Chinese girlfriend

We all know the multi-million-dollar face behind Facebook, but do we know the woman behind the successful man, Mark Zuckerberg?

Paparazzi photos of Zuckerberg and his Chinese-American girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, were published by tabloid gossip website Gawker in the past month to protest rollbacks to privacy on Facebook, but Chinese netizens did not have many good things to say about Zuckerberg's sweetheart.

Zuckerberg was criticised for his choice in women, which was likened to his appearance, lifestyle and taste in clothes. Netizens also gave nasty comments about Chan's physique, even suggesting that it was "obese".

On Zuckerberg's efforts to learn Mandarin, netizens wonder if this is a move to facilitate the march of Facebook into China?

Zuckerberg and Chan met at Harvard University and while the latter graduated with a medical degree, it is said that she is now a Facebook employee.


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Photos: AFP, Bloomberg & Internet    

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