Wacky costumes as fans 'Gagafy' themselves

By Karen W Lim

One guy was dressed in a blood-red lace mask, while another came with frogs on his chest.

It might have looked odd - and a little crazy - to many who were passing by, but Monday's "Gagafy" event was a serious costume showdown for many.

Fans were told to dress up as Lady Gaga and perform a one-minute song or dance to win tickets to the popstar's private showcase at Marina Bay Sands on Thursday.

Held at SingTel Comcentre, the competition saw over 100 Lady Gaga fans dressing up like the Queen of Wacky Costumes herself - and boy, would she be proud of her Little Monsters.

From bright coloured wigs to elaborate dresses and headpieces, fans turned up in full Lady Gaga gear in what seemed almost like a showcase of all the crazy costumes she had ever worn.

There were no boundaries to the competition and gender was not an issue - both men and women, boys and girls, came with Gaga make-up, fake tattoos and all that jazz - once again demonstrating the widespread appeal of the Mother Monster.

Although it was meant to be a contest between the fans, many of them cheered one another on and encouraged each other whenever a contestant forgot their lyrics.

After almost two hours of non-stop singing and dancing to popular tracks such as "Judas" and "Born This Way", the judges - who were supposed to pick only 100 to attend the private showcase - announced that all 108 contestants will be given a pair of tickets.

Fans roared in approval and the Little Monsters ended the night with tears of joy, tight hugs and plenty of dancing.

Take a look at the crazy costumes and performances of Singapore's Little Monsters. Paws up, everyone!

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