Female bodyguards start gruelling training regime in China

Twenty women gathered at a beach in Hainan, China in their bikinis. They were not there for a day out on the beach but instead they began their intense training regime in the hope of becoming bodyguards.

The women, mostly college graduates were kicked, dunked, near-drowned and forced to carry a heavy log between them during a tough boot camp run by professional bodyguards on Sunday.

Tianjiao Special Guard/Security Consultant Ltd. Co will train the potential bodyguards for eight to 10 months to develop the skills needed to serve their clients.

According to UK tabloid, Daily Mail, each trainee will develop their skills in reconnaissance, anti-terrorism training, martial arts and business etiquette in these ten months.

The company will offer the best trainee a chance to attend further study at the International Security Academy in Israel.

The English daily reported that graduates of bodyguard courses can look forward to a well-paid career if they are recruited by wealthy businessmen.

Women are especially in demand because they are less visible than men and can take on other positions like a secretary or nanny.

Female bodyguards are also paid better, up to about $130 a day. The average annual wage in China is just $308.

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