Angelina Jolie's right leg sparks new internet meme

Meryl Streep won best actress and Sacha Baron Cohen sprinkled ashes on the red carpet, but Angelina Jolie's right leg appears to have triumphed them all to become the star of Oscar night 2012.

A sultry and sexy pose immediately invited imitation on the stage by "Community" star and "The Descendants" co-writer Jim Rash, and a Twitter account was set up in the name of @Angiesrightleg.

Since then, it has snowballed into an internet sensation that has coined names of its own, Jolie-ing (where you strike the pose), and leg-bombing (where the leg is photoshopped into unrelated pictures).

Actress Lucy Liu explained how to do the pose: "So you gotta kick your leg out kinda far, you gotta twist your hip out."

Do you have what it takes to do the 'Jolie' like these people? Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: Tumblr)

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