Chinese family lives in rented toilet, transforms it into cosy home

A Chinese migrant family rented a public toilet and transformed it into a home of their own.

Zeng Lingjun, a cobbler and locksmith made his way to Shenyang to seek his fortune and stumbled upon an unlike home, a toilet.

He rented the toilet and transformed it into into his home and workplace. He set up his own shoe repair and locksmith business there, and got married and had a son.

The family modified the toilet cubicles and laid down wooden planks to cover up the toilet bowls to make a bed. They flush the toilet whenever the smell gets too much to endure.

They also store their belongings in the toilet cubicles. Despite their living conditions, they never fail to shower care and love on their son.

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Mongolia's homeless live in sewers

WINTER at Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia, is so cold that it has forced homeless people to seek shelter underground and in the sewers.

With temperatures dipping to minus 25 degrees Celsius, winter is a relatively difficult season for the homeless.

Their choice to go underground is not only to be near heating pipes, but also to refrain from "harming" the city's appearances, said a Chinese media.

Known as the "ant tribe", they crawl into manholes and through sewers when it turns dark. By living in sewers, they do not block the roads and hence will not be told to evict.

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