Man turns dead cat into helicopter

While most people would shed a tear and bury their dead pets, one man decided to make his into a helicopter.

Dutch artist Bart Jansen enlisted the help of radio control helicopter flier Arjen Beltman to the strange "half cat, half machine" contraption - dubbed Orvillecopter.

The late cat's name had been Orville, named after the famous aviator Orville Wright, and Jansen wanted to honour it by giving it the gift of flight after its death.

Orville had been run over by a car.

Equipped with propellers on each paw, the Orvillecopter doesn't fly quite right at the moment.

But Jansen says the problem will soon be fixed when the dead cat is improved with more powerful engines and larger propellers.

The visual art project has been displayed as part of the KunstRAI art festival.

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