Goodbye, my special friend

MediaCorp actress Xiang Yun revealed in an interview that she had dreamt of late actor Huang Wenyong three nights ago (Apr 22), in which they had a conversation about him 'going to change clothes'.

She had been paying respects to Huang Wenyong at the funeral hall with her husband and fellow actor, Edmund Chen, when she spoke of this revelation to Shin Min Daily reporters.

Dissecting the dream, Xiang Yun elaborates:

"I saw Wenyong go through a door, and he told me with a smile that he was going to change his attire. He changed into a short-sleeved shirt and trousers.

"I can't remember what he changed into exactly, but I know it's brightly coloured.

"In the dream, I also told Wenyong that he pulled off the attire well."

She added that she felt as if he had never left, and that it is only when she is at the funeral hall each time when she realises that he is truly gone.

The veteran actor died of lymphoma at the age of 60 on Saturday evening (Apr 20). More than 500 people turned up at Teochew Funeral Parlour to bid their final goodbyes yesterday (Apr 24).

Not wanting others to worry about him, Huang had kept his illness a secret, refused to be photographed, and even rejected people's attempts to visit him in hospital.

Emotions ran high at the annual Star Awards Show 1 on Apr 21 as fellow celebrities stood up to observe half a minute of silence. Huang was remembered for being a friendly colleague and mentor at his wake.

Huang shot to fame through his portrayal of the earnest Chinese migrant Ah Shui in the 1984 drama The Awakening with co-star Xiang Yun. His wish for a re-run of the 1988 drama 'Heiress' - in which Xiang Yun and Huang played a couple - is to be fulfilled.

Huang's daughter also tweeted that the late actor has 'gone to a better place'.

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