Stop nuisance of fliers left at doors

PHOTO: The Straits Times

I disagree with Mr Daniel Chan Wai Piew ("No to fliers? Let small firms make a living"; last Tuesday).

He noted that the letter boxes are inaccessible to people distributing fliers. But this was done at great cost islandwide, precisely for the purpose of preventing our letter boxes from being stuffed with fliers, which leads to littering.

Unfortunately, this solution has moved the flier problem from the letter boxes to people's main doors.

The issue is not about making it tougher to be doing business. However, in going about their business, these firms should respect the wishes and privacy of their potential customers and not cause a nuisance at their homes.

These fliers are unsightly, lead to littering and pose a security problem when many fliers are left on the gates of homes while the occupants are away.

Stickers pasted indiscriminately are an even bigger nuisance.

The authorities have implemented such measures as the Personal Data Protection Act and the Do Not Call Registry to prevent spam and unsolicited calls made by businesses.

It is time for something to be done to resolve the flier and sticker problems at people's homes as well.

Ng Kei Yong

This article was first published on August 4, 2015.
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