Straits Times website hacked on Friday morning

SINGAPORE - A section of the Straits Times website was hacked earlier on Friday morning.

A media statement released by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) said the affected blogs have been taken down, and a police report has been made by SPH.

The police are investigating.

The latest attack came after a video was posted on YouTube threatening to "go to war" with the Singapore government.

The video was uploaded by someone who claimed to be part of the global hacker group Anonymous.

A message was posted on the affected Straits Times (ST) website, which was titled: "Dear ST: You just got hacked for misleading the people!"

The hacker addressed the journalist who wrote an earlier article that reported government agencies were put on alert after the YouTube video was first posted. It claimed the write had 'distorted our words'.

A demand for an apology "to the citizens of Singapore" was issued.

In the earlier YouTube video, the group wanted the Singapore government to reconsider "its newly imposed licensing rules for local news websites", which require new sites to post a $50,000 bond and take down offensive content within 24 hours upon notice.

The video made mention of the recent hackings of the PAP Community Foundation and Ang Mo Kio Town Council websites, which was repeated in the letter posted on the ST website.

The letter also referred to the recent euthanasia case of the mongrel, Tammy, and a prison inmate who died under custody, as well as his mother's efforts to challenge the coroner's decision not to reopen an inquiry into his death.