Strange habits famous and successful people have

PHOTO: Strange habits famous and successful people have

Successful people are extraordinary for a reason, and many of them do not live, eat or sleep like you and me.

It is not unusual to find that some of the world's most successful and powerful people have developed quirky habits that normal working folk will find difficult to comprehend.

Author Stephen King has said that he has to have a slice of cheesecake before he starts writing, while the late Steve Jobs was said to have bathed just once a week.

Click on the gallery below to see just how strange some of these habits are.

19 strange habits famous and successful people have

  • ...slept in a 'snoratorium’ while married to Katie Holmes. The 2 didn't sleep together at times when his snoring got too loud.
  • ...sleeps with 20 humidifiers surrounding her. She also sleeps 15 hours every night.
  • ...took a 2-hour nap at 5pm every day, and worked through the night.
  • ...made sure his pillows pointed a certain way before he slept. The 'open-side' had to point toward the other side of the bed.
  • ...eats a slice of cheesecake before he writes.
  • ...took 20min naps every 4 hours.
  • ...wraps tin foil around his windows so light won't be able to spill in.
  • ...put herself to sleep by walking around the dining table nightly.
  • ...takes a vacation every 4 months as she works too hard and can't fit in any time for sleep usually.
  • ...believed that if he faced the north in his work and sleep, he could ensure better creativity.
  • ...trains even in his sleep. The Olympic swimmer sleeps in a room with decreased oxygen, so that the air is the same as the air in a place which is 8,500 to 9,000 feet above ground.
  • ...snacks on ice cubes throughout the day to feel full.
  • ...eats animals based on their mating habits. He only eats those he thinks are 'dignified with sex'.
  • ...declared he would only eat meat from animals killed by himself.
  • ...was a strict vegan who bathed just once a week. He would eat only one type of food for a few weeks before moving on to the next food item.
  • ...filled his sandwiches with weeds from his own yard.
  • ...brings along and eats food prepared by the Playboy Mansion chef no matter where he goes.
  • ... has a shot of apple cider vinegar every day.
  • ...follows a strict gluten-free diet. He also stooped down to eat some grass because he felt like it after winning a match in 2011.