Student captures moving moments of dying grandpa in video-diary

A 21-year-old university student received a first class grade in a photography course for a video capturing the last few days of her dying grandfather.

Leah Sharpe, a student of Derby University, produced the video-diary as a project for her art photography course.

Her grandfather Ray, 84, succumbed to prostate cancer a week after the video was made.

The video was shown at an exhibition at Derby University as part of Leah's course last week.

According to the Daily Mail, the video is modelled on the final scenes of the TV comedy the Royle Family - where the family gather around 'Nana' shortly before she dies.

The video opens with a scene of just his voice in an empty living room, with him saying, that he has a "wonderful family", who is described to be best in the world.

The 5-minute long video then goes on to capture numerous light-hearted scenes, with Ray even claiming in one of them that he thought the Lord had taken him.

The video also captures a touching moment of the elderly couple singing together.