Student demands apology from teacher: Education Ministry should send right message


I recently saw the video in which a student behaved inappropriately in front of his schoolmates and teacher, "Boy, 13, demands apology from teacher" (The New Paper, Jan 23).

This sort of behaviour is uncalled for.

If students are not able to show respect for their teachers, they will soon start thinking they can do whatever they want in class.

A teacher must always be able to get the full attention of the class when he is teaching.

Also, students should not answer back to their teachers in a rude or loud voice.

Otherwise, there will be disorder in the class and teachers will not be able to teach peacefully and effectively.

I hope the Education Ministry can seriously look into this incident, so that the right message is sent to the students and their parents.

And the message should be that students should behave themselves, and that parents should guide their children and teach them how they should present themselves in front of teachers and classmates.

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