Sun Moon Lake sees the most expensive room rate in 2013

TAIPEI, Taiwan - In 2013, Yuchi Township (魚池鄉) - home to Sun Moon Lake - saw the most expensive room rate in Taiwan while Hengchun Township in Kenting posted the largest hike in overnight fees island wide., an accommodation-booking website, on Monday published its tenth annual Global Hotel Price Index (HPI) .

The index indicated that room rate in hotels of Hengchun Township registered an annual 14-perent increase in 2013, the highest growth on the island. Accommodation rate per night averages NT$5,262 (S$217.84) in Yuchi, making the township the most expensive place for tourists to stay overnight in Taiwan.

In 2013, the number Taiwan-bound tourists stood above 8 million. According to HPI, Taipei moved up four notches and became Chinese tourists' ninth favourite tourist spot in Taiwan last year.

The average room rate Chinese tourists paid in Taiwan was NT$4,074, sitting on the eighth spot of world tourist rankings. However, other Taiwan-bound tourists paid NT$3,606 per night in 2013, a decrease of 8 per cent on the previous year.

According to HPI, Norwegian and Danish tourists are the most generous hotel customers among Taiwan-bound tourists since they spent 4 per cent more in 2013 than in 2012 on hotel accommodation. Filipino tourists visiting Taiwan paid 2 per cent less in hotel room rates in 2013 from the previous year; however, they remain the most generous Asian tourists in Taiwan.

The average price of a hotel room around the world rose three per cent during 2013, according to the latest HPI. This means there have now been four years of steady rises in hotel prices since the substantial falls during the financial collapse of 2008 to 2009.

Conversely, the HPI in Asia fell by 2 per cent. The depreciation of the Yen, Rupee and Rupiah, coupled with a decrease in inbound visitors to China contributed to this result, although outbound travel from China remains buoyant.

Set at 100 in 2004, the HPI tracks real prices that hotel guests actually paid for their accommodation around the world. The HPI for 2013 stands at 110, seven points lower than its peak in 2007 despite the recent growth and just ten points higher than at its launch