Superhero surprise at Children’s Cancer Foundation learning centre

Wolverine dropped in to see nine-year-old Lee Shawn Kit on Tuesday.

Shawn Kit's favourite superhero, along with Batman and Superman, visited him while he was attending a class at the Children's Cancer Foundation's (CCF) learning centre.

The men in the superhero costumes are members of a local running group and they entertained students at the CCF's Place for Academic Learning and Support (Pals), which caters to the educational needs of children and youth with cancer.

The trio, and three others, will be running a relay in the Ekiden category of this year's Standard Chartered Marathon, and they will be in their superhero costumes.

They are doing this to raise funds for children like Shawn Kit who are fighting against cancer.

Shawn Kit was diagnosed with leukaemia in November 2009 and is undergoing chemotherapy. He joined Pals in May.

Wolverine is his favourite superhero because of his regenerative abilities.

"He cannot die, which means that he is very strong," he said.


The six runners have donned their costumes for three marathons so far, but this will be the first time they are doing it for a cause.

Student Benjamin Chan, who played Wolverine during the visit, said: "The reason we are dressed as superheroes is because we want the kids to know that there is hope."

Mr Chan, 26, civil servant Ng Leng Boon, 26, and marketing executive Nelson Wong, 30, sang songs, took photographs and distributed toys to the children at the centre, which is at Novena.

The group hopes to raise $1,500 by the start of the marathon on Sunday. To donate, visit

This article was first published on Dec 05, 2014.
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