Taiwan dance troupe boards China Airlines tribute plane to Singapore

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Founder of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan Lin Hwai-min recently led 37 dancers from the group on a trip to Singapore aboard a China Airlines (CAL) plane that was decorated in tribute to the dance group.

The plane itself was unveiled in July of 2014, with pictures of four Cloud Gate dancers performing a piece dressed to resemble floating clouds in the sky.

Reportedly, the interior of the plane is also decorated with pictures of the group's dancers, with seats designed with the aesthetic artistry of Chinese ink and brush.

The plane is also one of the many special themed crafts from CAL's artistry fleet, which aims to promote the cultures, arts and literature of Taiwan to more places in the world.

Currently, the Cloud Gate-themed planes are deployed internationally to places such as New Zealand, Australia, Rome and Honolulu, to provide passengers from around the globe with the artistic excellence that Taiwan has to offer.