Taiwanese military police training head replaced over poorly executed march-past

TAIPEI, Taiwan--The Ministry of National Defence (MND) on Tuesday said the Military Police Command has decided to replace the head of its training centre over a recently released video clip that showed a poorly executed march-past by military police trainees.

Military spokesman Luo Shao-ho said the command made the decision due to the poor performance staged by 197 trainees during a march-past conducted on Jan. 4 at its training centre in New Taipei's Wugu District.

According to Luo, the performance was staged during a ceremony to mark the conclusion of the training session for the group of trainees.

A video clip of the march-past, made public by local media on Monday, showed that most trainees were unable to synchronize their movements throughout the session as per the expectations of training.

With the release of the video, many have been criticising the lack of discipline and proper training of R.O.C. Military Police, supposedly one of the most elite groups of officers within the nation's Armed Forces.

Luo noted that the poor performance demonstrated by the circulating video clip has "damaged the image of the nation's Armed Forces."

It also showed that the centre has much room for improvement in supervising training programs.

In response, the command has decided to replace Colonel Yang Pao-chung, the acting head of the centre, Luo said.

The chief of staff and director of the political warfare office of the command were also given one and two demerits, respectively, for failing to properly supervise the training sessions, Luo added.

Luo explained that one of the reasons for the poor execution of the march-past was the excessive number of trainees, both male and female, who participated in the performance.

He noted that generally only about 120 people participate in such a march-past.

Still, Luo said there is no excuse for the unsynchronized movements of the candidates, adding that the centre should not conduct such performances if it thinks trainees are not ready.