Tan Chuan-Jin's amusing conversation with 'Leticia' on Twitter

The respite on Thursday after days of thunderstorms prompted Acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin to post a message about the weather, via his Twitter account.

@chanjin1: Bright. Hot. Sunny. Nice

Barely one hour later, the parody account of local celebrity maid Leticia Bongnino (@theREALeticia) from Mediacorp TV series Noose (played by Michelle Chong) replied to his tweet.

@theREALeticia: Boyboy. Bag. Very. Heavy. RT @chanjin1: Bright. Hot. Sunny. Nice

Mr Tan was game enough to reply: "Don't. Keng. Work. Hard"

The word 'Keng' is a colloquial term most commonly used in the SAF, referring to people who malinger or pretend to be ill so as to avoid working.

In a tongue-in-cheek reply, @theREALeticia tweeted back to the Acting Minister for Manpower: "yes MOM. I mean, sir. I mean...", playing on Mr Tan's ministry (Ministry of Manpower), which sounds like 'Mdm'.

After Mr Tan shared the twitter exchange on his Facebook, it garnered over 74 shares and 355 'likes' within five hours.

@chanjin1: @theREALeticia Don't. Keng. Work. Hard

@theREALeticia: @chuanjin1 yes MOM. I mean, sir. I mean...

Mr Tan is one of the more active politicians on social media, often sharing his thoughts through these platforms.

In an interview with Singapolitics in August, Mr Tan revealed that he did not have a maid at home, and felt that as a society, 'we may be too dependent on maids'.

Clearly, boy boy has to carry his bag himself, even on a bright, hot, sunny day.