Taxi driver brutally beaten after accident

KUALA LUMPUR - A taxi driver was beaten up so badly by a road bully that he is now fighting for his life and may face permanent paralysis.

Hiew Chen Guang, 66, is now in coma at University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) as doctors struggle to save his life.

Chen Guang was driving his taxi along Old Klang Road at about 7am on Sept 30 when he accidentally hit a motorcyclist in front of him.

However, eyewitnesses said that as he was in the middle of a traffic light junction, he decided to drive a short distance away before stopping.

They also said they later saw a second man on a different, larger motorcycle drag him out and start raining punches on him.

Chen fell unconscious on the road before passers-by called an ambulance.

Chen Guang's son, Hiew Chun Wei, 37, said his father had a broken nose, severe bruises on his face and internal bleeding in the head.

"The doctors tried to stop the bleeding by performing an operation a few days ago but it has not stopped. If it continues, he will be in a vegetative state or may never wake up from his coma," he said yesterday.

Chun Wei added that it was unclear if the two motorcyclists knew each other as the first motorcyclist claimed in his police report that he did not see the beating.