Teenager becomes internet celebrity with his six-seconds video clips

Vine, a video sharing app released earlier in 2013 by microblogging company Twitter Inc, was the fourth most downloaded free app in 2013. The app, for iPhone, Android and other devices, allows users to share videos under six seconds in length. Nielsen estimates over 6 million people in the US were using the app in October of 2013.

Snapchat and Vine fall into a category that mobile analytics firm Flurry calls camera-enhanced messaging, which they said grew eightfold in 2013.

Vine was launched by Twitter in early 2013.

"Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (six seconds or less) inspires creativity," Michael Sippey, a Twitter vice president, said on the company's blog.

The roll-out was the product of Twitter's 2012 acquisition of Vine, then a three-person startup based in New York. Twitter has spent recent months integrating Vine's video technology into its service, as well as launching Vine as an independent app for Apple's iPhone.

Some Vine celebrities have emerged, such as Logan Paul, who has amassed 2.7 million followers.

Here are examples of his crazy antics:

Paul has gained so much attention for his six-seconds clips that he is now in the running for a in the Shorty Awards, which honours the best of social media.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Paul said that his parents are really proud of his nomination.

Here is another of our favourite clip by Paul:

The green man at the pedestrian crossing is flashing, and here is the million-dollar question. To make an epic dash across or not? Paul enacts what probably goes through our minds in in our daily commute: