Ten weird mooncakes made in China

Eating mooncakes is a not-to-miss part of Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept 27 this year. But people are quite tired of eating traditional mooncakes. Instead, people are trying innovative mooncakes with special flavors.

Let's have a look at the 10 weirdest mooncakes.

10. Chocolate mooncake with spicy beef filling

Ten years ago, a girl said to a boy, "It's impossible for us to be together, like chocolate will never be with beef." Today, it seems that everything is possible.

9. Sour and spicy mooncake

The sourness of the mooncake filling is from pickled vegetables and hawthorns. The spiciness is made from a chilli sauce resembling to the famous brand Lao Gan Ma.

8. Fermented bean curd mooncake

This is a variant of a kind of pastry made with fermented bean curd popular in Chaoshan, Guangdong province. The pastry is usually used as a sacrificial offering by local people on the first day and the middle day of each month.

7. Mooncake with fillings of cream, truffle and goose liver

The "Louis Vuttion" of mooncakes is made with expensive ingredients of truffle and goose liver. This luxurious mooncake definitely deserves a bite.

6. Mooncake with leek egg filling

Scrambled egg is a popular filling for Chinese Jiaozi (dumpling). But for the first time, scrambled egg is being used for the traditional Mid-Autumn day dessert.

5. "Shiren" mooncake

"Shiren" mooncakes have 10 kinds of nuts, doubling the traditional "Wuren" mooncake with 5 kinds of nuts. It's four to six times larger than traditional mooncakes, and implies best wishes of "perfect in every respect".

4. Mooncake stuffed with braised pork and preserved vegetable in soya sauce

Braised pork with preserved vegetable in soya sauce, or "meicai kourou" is a famous Chinese dish. The one made this special filling for mooncake must be a super fan of this dish.

3. Bamboo charcoal mooncake

This mooncake is made by putting bamboo charcoal powder into the mooncake when baking. It's said to have the function of absorbing toxins inside our bodies.

2. Instant noodle mooncake

Putting instant noodles into the traditional mooncake will surely give you a special experience. The mooncakes are also marked with Chinese characters, "Diao Si", which means "underprivileged losers" in a self-mocking way.

1. Mooncakes with bean-taste filling fried with tomatoes

The canteen of Civil Aviation University of China had put forward a dish which fried mooncake pieces stuffed with sweet bean taste and tomatoes before decorating them with caraway. The dish became a hit on the Internet and is called the weirdest mooncake.