Terengganu to get free public Wi-Fi

KUALA TERENGGANU - The people of Terengganu will enjoy free Wi-Fi connection in public places when the RM30 million (S$11.7 million) project to provide better Internet connection is completed next year.

The project, under the agenda to boost the use of information and communications technology, was among the things announced by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said when he tabled the 2014 state budget at the state assembly Monday.

"I would like to announce that the state government will provide free Wi-Fi for the people of Terengganu."

At a press conference afterwards, Ahmad said the free Wi-Fi connection would be installed in public places, such as bus stations and wet markets.

"The young people like Wi-Fi, and tourists and investors also want Wi-Fi, so we will provide it for free in public places.

"Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury," he said, adding that installation would start once the floods ended next year.

Wi-Fi is a method in standard wireless local area network technology for connecting computers and electronic devices to one another and the Internet.

Terengganu folk can also look forward to more affordable houses next year, with RM75 million allocated for the purpose in the RM2.2 billion budget, aimed at accelerating development in the state.

Ahmad said between 2008 and this year, 9,078 units of low-cost and affordable houses were either completed or being built at a cost of RM792.53 million.

The budget allocates RM1.208 billion for development, one of the highest among the states in the country.

"There are four strategies that will be employed, which are to minimise deficits, strengthen high-quality human capital development, safeguard the rakyat's welfare and improve the state's competitiveness."

Ahmad said the state government was committed to making Terengganu an investment hub in the region. "We will ensure every sen of the investments benefits the rakyat."

He said the state government was expecting investments from South Korea and China worth RM22.6 billion that could generate more than 6,000 jobs.

"The state government has approved a RM6.6 billion investment that could generate 1,300 jobs. The project is by HKS Mineral, with Korean collaborators.

"The company will build a steel-processing plant in the Teluk Kalong industrial area in Kemaman.

"We are also expecting a RM16 billion investment in the steel industry from China, which is expected to create 5,000 jobs."