Thailand plans to issue land title deeds for 180,000 plots this year

The Interior Ministry's Land Department aims to issue "Chanote" land rights title deeds for 180,000 plots this year, of which 4,500 were in the deep South, a senior official said yesterday.

Normally Chanote could be issued on an individual basis for which the landlord must pay Bt3,000-Bt5,000 land demarcation fee to a local land office to issue the paper, and a survey and demarcation of land plots, which would result in each landlord paying Bt100 per plot, the ministry's deputy permanent secretary Chayapol Thitisak said.

He also said the ministry had implemented a project to lower the property registration fee (transfer, sale or mortgage) from 2 per cent to only 0.01 per cent from October 29, 2015 until April 28, 2016. Land offices have also extended their working hours until 5.30pm during this period. He said the project aimed to stimulate the economy, narrow the social gap, boost people's asset worth and ensure people get proper legal protection for their rights to land use.