Thailand's English skills lowest in SEA

The English Language Assessment (JELA) results show Singapore workers have the highest average score while Thai workers have the lowest. The results are from the 1,540,785 assessment takers in the Southeast Asia countries of Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

JELA consists of 40 questions randomly picked out from the 1,000 questions of the programme. The assessment results show assessment takers from Singapore obtained the highest scores at an average of 81 per cent, followed by the Philippines at 73 per cent, Malaysia at 72 per cent, Indonesia at 59 per cent and Thailand at 55 per cent.

For Thailand, the assessment takers from the News/Editorial, Marketing/Business Development and Secretarial/Executive & Personal Assistant careers got the highest scores on average.

The assessment takers were from many positions and levels, from the junior executives and senior executives to managers and senior managers. It was found that entry level employees of three or less years got the lowest scores on average when compared with the other job levels in same countries.