These jobs could cost you your life

PHOTO: These jobs could cost you your life

Office politics may seem like the most dangerous thing that we experience at the work place, but when compared to some of the world's most dangerous jobs, backstabbing colleagues do not even come close.

From facing down ferocious animals like lions and crocodiles to defusing deadly explosives and landmines, nerves of steel are a must for these workers in the world's most dangerous jobs.

Other jobs include dangling from the world's tallest buildings just to wipe out a smudge on the window and fighting against violent looters protesting on the streets.

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12 of the world's most dangerous jobs

  • One of the most dangerous jobs in the world involves disassembling land mines left behind by war. Machines are still unable to clear land mines as well as human beings do, and so deminers are still sought after in some parts of the world.
  • At least 500 people died from doing the job between the years 1996-2002.
  • Linemen, who work to maintain electrical lines high above the ground, are in danger of both falling and being electrocuted.
  • Linemen need special training and must be isolated from the ground as high voltage transmissions are involved.
  • They also wear special conductive clothes.
  • Crocodile stuntmen are commonly found in Thai zoos, where they perform dangerous stunts such as placing their head in between a croc's jaws a few times daily.
  • They also have to wrestle with the reptiles and put themselves in an immense amount of danger.
  • They go through rigorous training so that they can save lives in times of trouble. While they are specially trained, firemen are still exposed to a great deal of danger when fires rage on without any sign of mercy.
  • Traditionally, a target girl helps out with stunts in circuses by standing near target boards used for stunts such as arrow throwing, knife throwing, archery and sharpshooting.
  • They have to trust the performers completely and also stay very still if they want to escape the stunts with their lives unharmed.
  • Lions are strong, powerful creatures, who are also quick to act on any form of agitation they feel.
  • As a trainer or tamer, being in constant contact with these fearless creatures exposes you to unexpected danger at all times of the working day.
  • Logging might not be common in Singapore but it is an important job in countries with steep mountains and deep forests. Loggers face very difficult conditions when trying to log trees and transport them out of the dark woods.
  • Not only are loggers in danger of falling, they are also in danger of getting crushed.
  • Miners face the danger of getting killed in cave-ins, gas explosions, chemical leakages, electrocution and fires.
  • High-rise construction work can only be done by brave workers who take on their fear of heights face-to-face. While construction work is no longer as risky as it was in the past, workers still face an array of dangers.
  • Accidents at construction sites are not uncommon, and workers risk falling, slipping and other dangers on a day-to-day basis.
  • Being a part of the authorities can be dangerous when you are faced with a raging mob which wants nothing but blood to spill. Like modern day warfare, riots can result in deaths and injuries on both sides of the fence.
  • Fish may be good for you and your tummy, but getting the catch is not as easy as it sounds. Fishermen have to battle long hours out at sea, which can often unleash choppy and violent waves when least expected.
  • Fishermen have to work in the dark and are often injured working on the ship.
  • While work safety is important, not all companies or cities adhere to the rules to protect their workers. This man is seen cleaning a window on the 34th floor of a building in Dubai.
  • Not only is he not wearing any safety gear, he is also hanging on to his dear life with only his bare fingertips.