They get paid to taste beer

Want a beer? I'll give you one and what's more, I'll pay you for tasting it.

For anyone who likes a tipple, it is certainly a dream job.

But for a professional beer taster, it is not all fun and games.

Mr David Bidau, supply chain director and brewmaster of Carlsberg Malaysia, who oversees the brewery's beer tasters, said: "The job of a professional beer taster includes rating the flavour intensity of the product, of which there are a total of 20 attributes, and detecting any off-flavours that will affect the release of the product into the market."

At Carlsberg Malaysia Group, the parent company of Carlsberg Singapore, the beer tasters are selected employees from various departments within the company.

They go through several months of training to cover the entire sensory range and have to achieve satisfactory scores in a test to qualify as professional beer tasters.

The members of the sensory expert team meet a few times a week to conduct analysis on the look, smell and taste or aftertaste of the beers - and nobody gets drunk.

Mr Bidau said: "The number of beers can vary from six to 10 each session but professional tasters need only take sips to distinguish the flavour profiles."

In Singapore, Carlsberg has launched a campaign to select a beer taster for a one-day social event to share his or her fond memories of Carlsberg beer.

And the best part of the job?

The beer taster can earn $10,000 for this four-hour job.

But unlike the panel which Mr Bidau oversees, Carlsberg is not scouting for a professional beer taster, who is also known as a sensory expert, and he or she need not go through months of preparation, training and tests.


The ideal candidate for the "best job in the world'' is someone who has a passion and love for Carlsberg. This is a one-off engagement to reward a Carlsberg fan with a drinking session without the need for his or her professional opinion.

Interested applicants for the contest need not worry about getting drunk on the job because the samples are restricted.

To apply, visit and answer a few questions.

This is only open to applicants aged 18 and above, and the deadline is Dec 7.

This article was first published on December 2, 2015.
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