A thorn to other durians' pride

GEORGE TOWN - It is almost symmetrically round like a ball and unlike other durians, it has a single blackish brown to dark brown thorn at the centre of its base.

The Black Thorn durian is at once one of the easiest durians to pick out and also one of the most expensive.

Its price is overtaking the famed Musang King ever since it gained popularity in 2012.

The Black Thorn is a durian cultivar originating in Nibong Tebal, south Seberang Prai.

It is so new that it has yet to receive a serial number from the Department of Agriculture.

Musang King, for example, is D197, while the Ang Heh (Red Prawn) is D175.

"At the start of the season, we were selling it at RM55 (S$19.54) per kg. It's RM40 per kg now," said Teoh Nai Teik, who is the proprietor of the 35-year-old Ah Teik Durian Stall at the corner of Jalan Macalister and Lorong Susu here yesterday.

The fruit usually weighs between 2kg and 3kg.

Teoh had only six Black Thorns - stashed in a box under his stall - out of the nearly 300 durians he had on display for sale at his stall.

"I call this a connoisseur's durian. You will only pay for it if you are looking for that special flavour," he smiled.

He described its flavour as similar to Musang King - creamy sweet. Yet it is not as rich.

"It has a powerful taste but a lighter texture. You won't feel stuffed after enjoying it," he added.