Toddler found in pail of water

AN 18-month-old baby girl was found unconscious inside a pail of water at their home in Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Her five-year-old brother, who noticed her legs sticking out of the pail that was kept in the bathroom, alerted his mother at about noon on Tuesday, reported Harian Metro.

According to a source, it occurred when the child's mother was cooking, leaving her two kids to play in the kitchen.

"She asked her son to look for her sister after noticing she was missing. But the victim was found head down in the pail of water," said the source.

The child's father, who was in the living room, immediately conducted CPR before rushing her to the clinic.

The clinic then rushed the child to Sungai Buloh Hospital where she has been warded at the intensive care unit.

The police are now taking statements from the family, hospital officials and investigating the case under the Child Act.