Top 10 jobs for Halloween

PHOTO: Top 10 jobs for Halloween

Halloween is upon us and if you're really into the paranormal, now may just be the time to switch industries.

Some of us look upon spirits and ghosts as nothing more than fantasies and stories, but there are some dedicated professionals out there who take it more seriously.

They spend long hours staking out cemeteries and 'haunted' houses in jobs like ghost hunters, mediums and metaphysicists.

And they're helped regularly by technical crew such as audio / visual recorders, photojournalists and videographers.

According to a report by recruitment firm, focus in the paranormal, spirits, strange phenomenon and other instances of the unexplained has grown due to the success of television programs like Ghost Hunters, Beyond Belief and The Dead Files.

Tony Lee, publisher,, said: "Those who enter paranormal professions help differentiate the real thing from the dramatised."

Workers in these industries sometimes aid clients experiencing everything from "uneasiness…to physical assaults" by researching and analysing mysterious circumstances.

And while some things aren't easily explained, they try their best to do so using laboratory experimentation, fieldwork, analytical studies, phenomenological approaches, case studies, surveys and historical research.

Other types of jobs involved with the study of unusual events associated with human experience, such as historian, photojournalist and forensic analyst.

And for those who just don't have it to face up to paranormal activities, there's always jobs in the entertainment and tourism industries where you won't see a real 'ghost', such as theme park attendants or costumiers.

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