Top-down approach to conserving food

It is disturbing to know that we are wasting food at record levels ("More food going to waste"; March 19), even though we are aware that many in Singapore do not have enough to eat. It is high time that more food conservation initiatives be implemented from the top down.

Corporate tax and other monetary incentives or awards could be handed out to companies that champion food conservation and other initiatives that reduce their carbon footprint. This could be given due mention in these companies' annual reports and be worn as a badge of honour.

At the individual level, parents should encourage their children to always finish their food. This was inculcated in me as a child and, as an adult now, I continue to make it a point to always finish my food.

In some cultures, this is considered good manners.

Letter from Woon Wee Min

This article was published on April 29 in The Straits Times.

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