10 most eco-friendly accommodations on Earth

A small bed-and-breakfast in New England, the United States, has topped TripAdvisor's list of the highest-rated eco-friendly hotels in the world for going the extra mile to make sure that nothing is wasted, and everything is re-purposed.

Released ahead of Earth Day, April 22, the list features hotels, inns and B&Bs around the world including the United States, Canada, Australia and Latin America. Conspicuously absent is Asia.

With a five out of five bubble rating on TripAdvisor, The Artist's Inn and Gallery in Pennsylvania's Lancaster County is lauded by guests for its New England charm and hospitality, and appreciated for the efforts made to offer guilt-free stays.

The installation of solar panels and the use of propane stoves, for instance, have reduced the property's oil consumption by 90 per cent.

It's also the sum of small initiatives that helped the inn achieve Platinum status on TripAdvisor. Run by Bruce and Jan Garrabrandt, the couple go the extra eco-mile to green the inn. Used soap is collected and donated to Clean the World or Global Aid Network.

Instead of chucking them in the recycling box, used egg cartons are taken back to the egg farmers for reuse. Same for used magazines which are donated to a battered women's shelter, and newspapers which are donated to farms that can use them for animal bedding. Plastic bags are also donated to produce farms.

Rounding out the top three spots is The 4Rooms in Porto, Portugal, and Glascoed Guest House in Llandudno, Wales, Britain.

A separate survey conducted among TripAdvisor members also found that US travellers are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint; 74 per cent agreed that a property's eco-friendly practices are "important" when booking their stay.

Nearly half (45 per cent) of respondents also said they "often" look for information about their hotel's sustainability practices, while 11 per cent said they "always do".

The most common ways US guests said they green their travel at hotels is to turn off the lights when leaving the hotel room, reuse their towels and linens, and buy locally sourced products.