10 must-go travel destinations for Singaporeans in 2016

10 must-go travel destinations for Singaporeans in 2016

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Avid travellers might have noticed that we're going to have quite a number of long weekends this year in Singapore.

If you haven't decided on where your wanderlust will bring you this year, we at GET.com have rounded up the 10 Top Travel Destinations for 2016 so that you'll have something to look forward to every month!


1. February - New Zealand, South Island

Seasons in New Zealand are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that December to February is summer season in New Zealand.

In order to enjoy the wondrous nature New Zealand has to offer, good weather is definitely welcomed by any traveller.

February marks one of the best times to visit New Zealand as this is indeed the hottest month of the year - great for lazing around by the calm Lake Wanaka, going for walks at Mount Cook and having a brunch at one of the many luscious vineyards.

For extreme sports lovers, sunny days also mean you have less chance of weather disrupting your plan for sky-diving, mountain biking or bungee jumping.

Here you can read our New Zealand Travel Guide for ideas of what do do, see and eat while there.

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2. March - Hong Kong

It's spring time in Hong Kong, so expect a mildly cooling weather which is great for shopping along the streets without you breaking into a sweat. In March, there's Good Friday holiday on the 25th, which makes a three or four day trip in Hong Kong ideal.

Looking for something else other than just shopping in malls and eating great dim sum? No worries, because you can easily take a day trip to Lantau Island for some sight-seeing.

Do remember though that hotels tend to be pretty pricey in Hong Kong, so book early and remember to make use of travel credit cards that offer cashback or points for your travel bookings!

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3. April - Sydney

One of the best times to visit Sydney is from late February to April as these months skirt Sydney's high and low seasons, giving travellers comfortable temperatures and avoiding tourist crowds.

If you are interested in participating in special activities in Sydney, remember that Anzac Day falls on the 25th of April so there will be dawn services held around the country to pay respects to veterans.

In Sydney, they are usually held around Martin Place with a parade that will end at the iconic Anzac Memorial.

While there's lots to see and do in the city, do remember to take a trip to outer regions to see the famous Blue Mountain and hug some koala bears at the wildlife zoo.

Check out GET.com's Sydney Travel Guide to get ideas of what to do while there.

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4. May - Bali

As we move towards the middle of the year you may start feeling overwhelmed by pressure at work. With the May Day holiday as well as Vesak Day happening this month, it's perhaps a good time to plan for a long weekend relaxing in nearby Bali.

Beach bums will enjoy the abundance of sun-tanning opportunities in the beautiful coasts of Bali, but if you are looking for a place to recharge yourself, a great place to be is in the laid-back Ubud.

Ubud is the perfect place to give yourself a digital cleanse, or even better, give yourself a total detox - inside and outside.

Check into one of the many detox retreats in Ubud where you can choose from a number of body-cleansing rituals, attend yoga and meditation classes and fuel your body with the purest of raw food.

You can be sure by the end of your trip, you'll be full of energy and renewed vigour to face the next half of the year ahead of you!

To get the inside scoop of the best things to see and do while there, don't forget to check out GET.com's Ubud Travel Guide.

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5. June - Korea

Korea seems to be a perennial favourite of Singapore travellers these days. And it's no wonder with the craze for yummy Korean fried chicken, ice desserts, K-pop music and great shopping. What's not to like about Korea?

Other than that, it's also a family-friendly destination, so it's a great place to bring your kids to Korea on your June holidays!

Korea offers a variety of travel options - you can go on a shopping trip that involves buying up a whole year's worth of sheet masks, or visit theme parks with the kids and take a short one-hour flight to visit the popular Jeju Island.

Nature lovers will be blessed with good weather if visiting Jeju in June, when temperatures range between 17 to 27 degrees. Remember to visit the volcano Hallasan, the Manjang Cave as well as chill by the blue waters of Jungmun Beach.

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6. July - Bangkok

We can always make time for a trip to nearby Bangkok, right? Nobody ever complains about a trip to Bangkok. With budget flights aplenty, cheap hotels, food and shopping, anyone can always spare a 3-day break in the land of smiles.

If you are an annual visitor to Bangkok for stocking up your year's worth of new apparel and snacks, why not try out some sight-seeing the next time you are there?

You'd be surprised that many Singaporeans who have made countless trips to Bangkok have never seen the beautiful and majestic temple of the reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) or dropped by the less touristy Or Tok Kor Market that's just 3-minutes away from the famous Chatuchak market.

Discover the best places to visit by checking out our Bangkok Travel Guide. Doing so will ensure you make the best use of your time there!

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7. August - Hokkaido

Many Singaporeans tend to plan their holiday in August, because there's always the National Day that can help us slip in an extra day for a trip somewhere.

With National Day falling on a Tuesday this year, you can easily take a day off on Monday to get 4 full days of holiday. And if you can afford a slightly longer holiday, I suggest you visit Hokkaido!

While most people may associate Hokkaido to snowy ski slopes, there's actually plenty of interesting stuff to do there during summer as well.

For instance, August is when Hokkaido holds it annual beer festival with Japanese beer companies setting up huge tents in the middle of Odori Park.

Fans of the famous Japanese Shiroi Koibito cookies can also visit the chocolate factory by the same company, as well as take small hikes and nature walks at Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido's largest national park.

Read GET.com's Hokkaido Travel Guide to discover what to eat, see and do in Japan's hidden gem.

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8. September - Barcelona

If you are thinking of visiting Europe this year, you can consider going either in September or towards the end of the year to experience a wintery Christmas.

September is a good time to visit Europe because it marks the end of the popular summer vacation period (August) so you'd get less tourist traffic when visiting attractions and landmarks.

Prices for hotels are also typically lower after the peak season, and weather sits comfortably between the hot summer and upcoming autumn.

If you've had your fill of shopping trips earlier in the year, consider Barcelona for its artistic side. The city is wonderful for art and architecture lovers - you'll be amazed by the legacy of famous artists such as Gaudi and Picasso in the dynamic Spanish city.

Read GET.com's Barcelona Travel Guide to get ideas of what to see, eat and do in Spain's most vibrant city.

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9. October - Taiwan

Thinking of visiting Taiwan this year? Remember to avoid the typhoon season from July to October and the peak season in September due to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This year, Deepavali falls on the 29th of October on a Saturday, so you can maximise your free days by taking your time off in lieu on Monday for your Taiwan trip!

Depending on what you want to do, you can easily sight-see and shop in the capital for four to five days.

October is a great time to go sight-seeing outside Taipei since it's not high season, I recommend that you visit the Taroko Gorge. Going there during the autumn is optimal as it will allow you to view the beautiful national park change into its fall colours.

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In November there are no public holidays, so shoulder on and wait for the year-end festive period.

10. December - Strasbourg

Is Christmas an exciting time of the year for you? If you have spent past Christmases at home or at boring house parties, why not make it different this year by visiting real Christmas markets in Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is widely known for having the oldest Christmas markets in the world. Come December, the UNESCO World Heritage site comes alive with festive lighting and throngs of tourists who come to visit its famous Christmas markets.

In fact, Strasbourg was voted for the second year in a row in 2015 for having the best Christmas markets in Europe.

Even if you aren't going to buy any of the expensive Christmas ornaments and decorations at the market, walking along the cute red tents in the winter will fill you up with Christmas cheer.

Of course, the place is great for foodies as well - Strasbourg has had the "great fortune" of being under both German and French rule, so its cuisine is unique from other parts of France.

Expect to drink hot mulled wine, have your fill of Alsatian food, craft beers and all sorts of hot food covered in melted cheese. Christmas will never be the same again!

Read GET.com's Strasbourg Travel Guide to see what to eat, see and do in this fantastic place.

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