10 places to go for unexpected works of art

We all know about the Louvre or MoMa, but there are scores of underrated artwork that deserves to be seen to.

Attention, all art-lovers! Craving to see inspirational artwork while you're on the road, but don't know where all the jewels of the art world are besides museums and art galleries?

Take a deep breath and keep on reading, because we're about to give you insight into some of the most amazing pieces of art work, from all around the world.

1. Singapore

Photo: Instagram/ Pasol Ru

The bronze sculptures created by Chong Fah Cheong, named People of the River, represents the early days of Singapore. It is a work of great historical importance as it depicts traditions of the people whose lifeline was the Singapore river. These sculptures aren't just a gorgeous representation of modern sculpting, but art work with deep history rooted in its making.

2. France

Photo: Instagram/ leonofathens

France has so much art to offer, and it's not just in its museums. If you travel to Marseilles, set your eyes on Les Voyageurs - a stunning sculpture, seemingly imperfect but is actually a perfect representation of workers who are either missing something in life, or have left a part of them behind in their pursuit of work. At first glance, it looks almost surreal, as it appears that parts of the sculpture are hanging in thin air. This piece of art is one exquisite proof that France is so much more than just fine food, flowers, and romance.

3. Washington D.C

Photo: Instagram/ moeka_nozaki

For an overload of culture and a whirlwind of sensory activity, visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum where Nam June Paik created an artwork that's dedicated to the troubles and complexity of American society. It's both unique in its shape and form and poses some serious questions that can leave you pondering for hours.

4. Turkey

Photo: Instagram/ Jonreid

Goreme, the open air museum, is truly a one-of-a-kind artistic achievement. It consists of more than 30 chapels and churches, which were carved by members of monastic communities. The inside of each is painted in the frescos from the Byzantine era. There are no words to describe the surreal beauty of Goreme. You will just have to see it for yourself.

5. India

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Once you step foot inside the Lakshmana Temple, dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu, you'll understand why it's on our list of favourites. This sandstone temple is home to intricate images that are real jaw-droppers. It was built more than a thousand years ago, and the carvings on the outside of the temple demonstrate erotic scenes with such detail and care, you'll need hours to admire each piece.

6. Utah, USA

Photo: Instagram/ Blake Soulder

If you've never heard of the Spiral Jetty, it's about time to get acquainted. Made entirely out of mud, sea salt, water, and basalt rocks within a period of only six days, the north-eastern shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake is home to the most famous example of this specific art form. It changes each year, due to weather and climate changes. Nevertheless, it's still one of the most visited and unusual art pieces on the planet.

7. Brazil

Photo: Instagram/ JR

More specifically, Rio de Janeiro is the home of the heart-warming, emotion-provoking work of art created by the artist JR. Women Are Heroes is more than just plastered faces on favelas. The artist is trying to symbolise women as the pillars of community, in a corrupt society that's overflowing with drugs and crime. A truly breathtaking work of art that is rich in meaning.

8. Scotland

Photo: Instagram/ Nordic Visitor

The Kelpies are two 100-feet tall horse heads in Scotland, which are inspired by a particular tradition in Scotland where working horses pulled barges across canals. This modern representation of their work tradition is a mesmerising piece of art you can't help but spend hours marvelling at.

9. Nelson Mandela South Africa

Photo: Instagram/ Miami Art Scene

This steel column construction is a tribute to Nelson Mandela. With a height of 9.5 meters, the columns form a stunning portrait that stands out strong against a beautiful backdrop of valleys and hills.

10. New York

Photo: Instagram/ ladyred_01

Expansion is an amazing sculpture that poses an unlimited number of questions - Are we only contained by our bodies and the norms of society, and would we be able to be ourselves if we were 'uncontained'? With a Manhattan skyline in the background, this piece of art not only looks stunning, but also triggers you to think deeply about its hidden meanngs.

As times change, so does art. It can be found everywhere around us, if you take a closer look. Have you visited any of the places on our list?

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