3 best holiday destinations for time-strapped Singaporeans

Penang char kuay teow from Baba Chews at Katong Square.
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As a travel-bug bitten individual, what do you have to do when you're yearning for a holiday abroad but don't have much time to spare? You plan ahead smartly and opt for getaways near Singapore and perhaps also check these travel destinations to holiday hotspots less than 5 hours from Singapore, of course!

Below, we at GET.com share with you our top three destination picks that make the cut for time-strapped urbanites like you and I who have a penchant for taking a breather from the daily hustling every now and then.



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Do you have a deep love for nature and are fascinated by jellyfishe?

Kakaban Island is a excellent place to visit because swimming with stingless blobs of jellyfish in East Kalimantan is surely no object. You will need to hike to the lake before you get the opportunity to frolick in the transparent waters alongside marine creatures.

Take extra care to slide into the water as gently as you can to prevent harming the jellyfish! Kakaban Island is also home to pretty coral reefs and lush forests, so if you've been dreaming of a relaxing holiday in nature's arms, what are you waiting for? Snorkelling sounds like a great idea, too.


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Adventurous souls will love the chance to take on Mt Rinjani when in Lombok. After all, this famous volcano that rises more than 3 km above sea level consistently draws climbers and trekkers to its peak.

Nobody says the climb is going to be easy, so don't expect it to be. You need to be physically fit and able to challenge Mt Rinjani and it is advisable that you have a guide with you, just to be safe, since the hike up there typically takes around 3 days.

Besides Mt Rinjani, idyllic Lombok has much more to offer you, including surfing. You can also easily get to the Gili Islands from Lombok. Learn more about this laid-back nature haven from our Lombok travel guide.


Assam LaksaPhoto: Pixabay

It is absolutely reasonable to say that we Singaporeans adore food. Why else would the majority of us queue up in line for hours on end whenever there's something die, die must try wherever in the vast world we may be, right?

Penang is a great choice for foodies looking for short getaway destinations that aren't far away from our sunny shores.

Must-eats when you're in Penang include Penang char kway teow, rojak, assam laksa, braised meats, mee goreng, Teochew chendol, nasi kandar, curry mee, dim sum, wanton mee, fried oyster omelette, and of course, lok lok.

This street food melting pot is a true gem that is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Besides all the yummy food you'll get to fill your stomach with, you can soak in a dose of Penang's rich culture as well.


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