3 incredible and affordable countries for travellers with a small budget

3 incredible and affordable countries for travellers with a small budget

This article was originally on GET.com at: 3 Incredible And Affordable Countries For Travellers With A Small Budget

There are plenty of things you need to think about when you're planning a holiday beyond the shores of Singapore. Budgeting is obviously one huge component that most travellers have to consider unless they're rolling in tons of money despite the lacklustre economic outlook.

Regardless of whether you're thinking of going away for a short getaway or feeding your wanderlust with holiday destinations that will blow your mind, we at GET.com believe it's always a good idea to spend your money wisely amidst the economic slowdown.

If you're intending to travel while still keeping a close watch on your bank balance, read on to learn more about the following incredible and affordable countries that are fantastic vacation options for travellers with smaller budgets.

3 Incredible Countries For Travellers With A Small Budget

1. Cambodia

If you're getting increasingly bored of visiting Bangkok or nearby Johor Bahru for your eating and shopping sprees, perhaps you could consider making a trip to Cambodia for a change.


The more touristy areas of Cambodia include Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, which I spent a couple of days at after about 3 weeks of volunteering in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia.

I kid you not when I say that hanging out at a restaurant or bar there will only cost you a fraction of the price that you pay in Singapore. Plus, who would say no to $2 T-shirts? Did I mention that I tried a tiny piece of fried tarantula leg? Yep.


A must-visit in Cambodia includes the world-famous ancient Angkor Wat Archaeological Park where you can take your time to marvel at the intricate exemplars of Khmer architecture, catch the beautiful sunrise and get acquainted with serendipity.

Be prepared to spend a good amount of time there though because this expansive UNESCO heritage site spans over 400 square kilometres! Read our Cambodia travel guide to learn more about this unique Asian country.

2. Indonesia

To be fair, Indonesia doesn't just bestow upon Singaporeans with what we've come to reluctantly accept as haze season. On top of many Singaporeans' quick getaway of choice to Batam for some inexpensive massages and their A&W fast food fix, Indonesia has plenty of amazing islands that certainly check the boxes for being both incredible and affordable.

Just to name a few, Raja Ampat Islands, Bali, Lombok and Bintan make amazing holiday destinations for travellers who live and breathe the sun, pristine blue waters, sandy beaches, nature and water sports.

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Not sure where to begin? Here's our Ubud travel guide where you'll find the top things to do in the cool mountains of Bali. Also, we've compiled these Seminyak Bali 5-star hotels that you'll love for that splendid sunset view that you might dig.

For those who are truly looking to get away from the human crowd and city living in general, visit Lombok for that calming peacefulness and serenity that you've been coveting for ages. Popping by Mawun Beach is a must-do when you're there. Discover more about this beach paradise for nature lovers in our Lombok travel guide.

Heading to Bintan? Try going on eco tours to ease yourself right in Mother Nature after you're done chilling with a good book in hand and sipping fancy cocktails on the white, sandy beaches.

3. Vietnam

Did you know that you can enjoy different types of climates in different parts of Vietnam? This is due in part to its long and thin geographical shape that stretches across a multitude of latitudes.

Besides must-tries like pho soup noodles, bánh mì and gỏi cuốn, unspoiled Vietnam also has a ton of rivers, beautiful beaches, bustling cities and Buddhist pagodas to offer its visitors. Be sure to take in all the post-colonial charm that Hanoi has to offer, but don't forget to stop by lush rice terraces as well.

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And if you dare and you don't mind, you can try their specialty civet cat coffee, though I personally won't because of animal rights issues.

Fret not if Vietnam isn't your cup of tea, here are some little-known travel destinations in Asia that you must visit!

This article was originally on GET.com at: 3 Incredible And Affordable Countries For Travellers With A Small Budget

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