3 most kid-friendly Asian airlines

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Singaporean kids are a lucky bunch: Most children get to travel around the world to different destinations during the school holidays with their family. While the destinations that their parents take them to can vary from those within the Asia Pacific region to exotic places that are halfway around the globe, it is a fact that travellers now have more and more options of different carriers to fly with.

To win the hearts of adults and kids alike, some Asian airlines have done a truly phenomenal job. Ahead, are the three best Asian airlines that are 101 per cent kid-friendly that we at GET.com have rounded up for you. Consider flying with them if you have little ones in tow, I bet they'll be on their best behaviour the entire trip! And in case this comes in handy, there are some other international airlines perfect for families travelling with kids.


1. EVA Air

Photo: EVA Air

EVA Air's Hello Kitty Jet, Gudetama Jet, Bad Badtz Maru Jet and Sanrio Family Jets will keep wide smiles plastered on the faces of travellers who are young and young at heart. The carrier is the best option for Sanrio fans who adore characters like the ever-famous Hello Kitty, Gudetama, Little Twin Stars, Bad Badtz Maru...or basically the entire Sanrio family.

Not only is the aircraft livery adorable, everything in the specially designed cabin from meals to amenities like toilet paper, slippers, utensils, napkins, tray mats and even the kids' goodie bags that comprise items to keep the little ones occupied are Sanrio-themed.

It is amazing that air travel can be so niche and tailored to the tastes of those who are enamoured with all things kawaii. The flight experience in itself is already an awesome adventure for travellers, despite the limited number of Sanrio-themed routes available at the moment.

2. Asiana Airlines

Photo: Facebook/Asiana Airlines

Depending on the flight that you and your precious ones are flying on, children have so much to look forward to aboard Asiana Airlines flights. Holding magic shows for kids, enchanting the little ones with magic tricks and 'magic balloons', throwing mini birthday celebrations 35,000 feet in the air, keeping kids thrilled with their temporary tattoos (think: sticker tattoos) and doing arts and crafts with chalk and origami are just some of the highlights for kids who travel with Asiana Airlines on all service classes.

Of course, there is kid-friendly inflight entertainment for the little ones as well, including cartoons, movies, games and songs. They will also receive colouring books and puzzles.

Have you flown with Asiana Airlines before with your children? If you haven't done so yet, this is one splendid carrier you can consider because kids will have a whale of a time flying with the limitless fun onboard. And that's going to help take the stress off your shoulders immensely.

3. Cathay Pacific

Photo: AFP

Whether your little one between the age of 2 and 12 is travelling with you, a guardian or unaccompanied, Cathay Pacific will ensure that he or she is well taken care of. Besides the specially curated selection of cartoons and animes that kids are bound to be pleased with, children between the age of 6 and 12 will receive a fun pack filled with goodies ranging from activity books, games and stationery to keep them occupied.

However, keep in mind that these fun packs will not be available for flights taking place solely within Southeast and Northeast Asia. Children's meals that are both nutritious and colourful will be provided along with kid-friendly cutlery and juice. It is best that you pre-order these kids' meals in advance.

If you are travelling with infants, you can request for baby packs that come with baby essentials like diapers, diaper lotions and creams. Every aircraft has amenities that parents and guardians would appreciate, such as fold-down tables to aid you in changing your baby's diapers and special onboard baby bassinets. You have to request your baby bassinet when you make your flight reservation, though. All Cathay Pacific flights are stocked with baby food, as well.