4 interesting things you didn't know about Sentosa

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Most Singaporeans would have visited Sentosa, affectionately known as Asia's favourite playground, sometime before. We may be familiar with bits of Singapore's heritage that we all should be proud of, unique landmarks in Singapore or even secret attractions at Changi Airport, but not everyone knows interesting things about our favourite island nestled in the southern region of Singapore.

Here, we at GET.com put together 4 intriguing things you didn't know about Sentosa. Read on if you're curious, and if you'd like to save some money if you visit Sentosa frequently.

4 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Sentosa

1. Sentosa Golf Club Boasts The Most Expensive Golf Club Membership Fee In Singapore

We all know that golf is pretty much reserved for those who are very well off, don't we? If you particularly fancy the idea of golfing in Sentosa Golf Club, be prepared to shell out a whopping $215,000 for your membership fee. Well, that's the most expensive golf club membership in Singapore in case you haven't registered that in your head.

This $215,000 golf club membership is one of the very expensive things people can buy if they are super wealthy. Check out our article on 5 big ticket items Singaporeans can buy with money amounting to SMRT CEO's pay cut if you're curious. Yes, you could even buy an island if you wanted to!

2. Otters Have Been Driving Residents Of Sentosa Cove Nuts

Have you ever been to the posh Sentosa Cove? As opposed to what commoners like you and I think, some rich people living in Sentosa Cove haven't exactly been able to live with peace of mind with otters disrupting their daily life and causing much misery.

For people who haven't heard, a recent news report highlighted perils faced by home owners in Sentosa Cove brought about by otters preying on fish in their ponds. Some have seen their beloved pets gnawed and wiped out by these adorable but hungry wild otters. Even Sofitel Sentosa has lost $85,000 worth of fish to otters!

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3. Tiger Sky Tower Is Not The Highest Observatory Deck In Singapore

Sentosa hasn't updated their website but the Tiger Sky Tower, at a height of 131 metres above sea level, is not the tallest place where you can enjoy gorgeous panoramic views.

I know it's no biggie but if you like to admire Singapore from high up, you can venture to places like ION Sky (218 metres above ground, 56 levels above Orchard Road), and the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck at Marina Bay Sands (57 levels above the heart of Singapore) in the Marina Bay area.

And in case you're wondering, ION Sky doesn't charge admission fees, so it's free for anyone to visit. Check out our guide to 10 fun and free places to visit in central Singapore if you're interested.

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4. You Get Special Discounts In Sentosa If You Use A MasterCard®

Do you frequent Sentosa? If you do, you'll get to save a fair bit of money just by using your MasterCard® credit cards and debit cards to get your hands on exclusive year-round MasterCard® Promotions.

Some of our favourite MasterCard® credit cards include ANZ Optimum World MasterCard, ANZ Platinum MasterCard Credit Card and OCBC Titanium Credit Card.

You can use your MasterCard® to be eligible for up to 20 per cent discount on attractions, dinner, hotel packages and more at participating outlets in Sentosa. Expect deals such as 15 per cent off One-Day Adventure Pass (Unlimited) at Sentosa 4D AdventureLand, 10 per cent off with purchase of 2 'First Timer Challenge Package'(U.P. $119) at iFly Singapore, 20 per cent off Bicycle Rentals, 15 per cent off a la carte items at Brewerkz Sentosa Boardwalk, 15 per cent off dining bill at Bob's Bar at Capella Singapore and more!

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