5 budget family-friendly adventures you won't regret embarking on

5 budget family-friendly adventures you won't regret embarking on

This article was originally on GET.com at: 5 Budget Family-Friendly Adventures You Won't Regret Embarking On

Do you happen to know any parent who's especially broke year after year when the December school holiday rolls around? Many parents work incredibly hard all year round and then proceed to blow their savings away in the name of taking their precious kids to exciting holiday destinations, even if their finances are on the tighter side.

There are plenty of ways to have fun without spending much money, which might be a far better idea for parents with a limited budget. Below, we at GET.com have put together 5 budget-friendly options for families who want to stretch every dollar without skimping on the fun.

5 Budget Family-Friendly Adventures You Won't Regret Embarking On

1. Go For A Short Trip Nearby


A holiday overseas doesn't always have to cost you an arm or a leg if you're willing to compromise and work within a smaller budget. Opt for affordable getaways near Singapore if you want to bring your family overseas without breaking the bank. Have a read about the best ways to avoid stress when travelling with kids, too.

2. Trudge Up North To JB


By now, you should have gotten the memo why so many locals like going to Johor Bahru just to eat and shop like a king (here are 5 cheap places for good food and drinks at JB). Mind you, the value of SGD is worth 3 times as much as the MYR. With a sluggish ringgit, some money exchangers in Singapore ran out of the Malaysian currency last week as Singaporeans snapped them up.

If you have time to spare, you can go on an adventure to JB via public transport. For a rare old-school train experience, hop aboard the KTM shuttle that runs between Woodlands Train Checkpoint and Johor Bahru Sentral. The ride will only take you about 5 minutes.

There are several buses you can take in Singapore that will take you across the causeway as well - I usually hop onto SBS's bus service 170x at Kranji MRT station. Go on a random weekday (except Friday) if you want to avoid the maddening crowds!

3. Skip Exorbitant Attractions And Theme Parks


Save some money while not compromising on the fun factor, bring your little ones to these secret spots your kids will love. Not only will they get to broaden their general knowledge, it's always nice to let the little ones experience something different from the usual places. These will give theme parks and typical touristic attractions a run for their money.

To give you a leg-up and more ideas on how you can make your kids extra happy, here are 4 fun kids' activities that cost less than $20. Most of them are free!

4. Go Farm-Hopping In Kranji


The northern part of Singapore really isn't as boring as you think. For those who don't already know, it is literally a breath of fresh air to visit the farms in Kranji. Besides paying animals a visit and enjoying their company, you can also pick up fresh produce and eggs at the Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market.


If you like, you can even go on farm tours with the little ones that last between 20 minutes and 4 hours, prices vary accordingly though. Should you want to get away from city living for a little longer, you can opt for farm stay-style staycations at D'Kranji Farm Resort or Gardenasia.

Want to help hone your kids' appreciation for nature? Here are the best places you can take them to marvel at orchids, learn about intriguing vertical farms, and embrace green spaces within our concrete jungle city.

5. Be A Tourist In Your Own Country


On a side note, did you know that the ERP rates at certain expressways and roads have been reduced for the December school holidays in effect from 19 November? These revised rates will go back to the usual rates from 2 January 2017 onwards.


This just gives us another reason to get off the couch at home and travel all around Singapore in search of fun and free activities to visit or take part in. Keen but don't know where to start? Take a look at these fun and free places in central Singapore, fun and free places in south Singapore, fun and free places in west Singapore, fun and free places in east Singapore, and fun and free places in north Singapore.

This article was originally on GET.com at: 5 Budget Family-Friendly Adventures You Won't Regret Embarking On 

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