5 delicious dessert chains that will make you travel out of Singapore

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Skyscanner brings you 5 scrumptious dessert chains that are worth discovering during your travels. They haven't made it to Singapore yet, but here's hoping…

1. Adriano Zumbo, Melbourne

Photo: Adriano Zumbo Patissier's Facebook page

This Australian celebrity chef has legions of devoted fans, thanks to his wildly creative (and insanely delicious) desserts.

Treat yourself to Zumbo's famous V8 Vanilla Cake, blessed with eight layers of silky sweet perfection; or tuck into his signature "Zumbarons", which feature intriguing flavours like Salted Butter Popcorn and Malted Milkshake.

Head to the Melbourne outlet for the full experience: with its hot-pink neon sign and trippy mirrored panels, it's a real showstopper.

2. Toraya Cafe, Tokyo

Photo: TripAdvisor

Founded in Kyoto in the 16th century, this traditional Japanese confectionery boasts a serious pedigree. Toraya has shops and tearooms across Japan, so there's no excuse not to sample their divinely elegant sweets.

Must-try treats include the white Azuki bean and kuzu jelly pudding, as well as the red bean and chocolate fondant. If you want to know what authentic Japanese desserts taste like, this is the place to find out.

3. Dip n Dip, Kuala Lumpur

Photo: Dip n Dip's Facebook page

Fancy eating a crepe stuffed with brownies and drenched in chocolate? Then head over to Dip n Dip, which is every chocoholic's dream come true.

Their menu features a mind-boggling array of decadent treats - from gooey lava cakes and cream puffs to chocolate-dipped strawberries.

You can even grill marshmallows right at your table and make your own S'mores! One thing's for sure: whatever dessert you pick, it will arrive smothered in Belgian chocolate.

4. Hello Kitty Cafe, Seoul

Photo: TripAdvisor

Prepare for a cuteness overload when you set foot in Seoul's whimsical Hello Kitty Cafe.

As you might expect, there are tributes to the lovable feline everywhere you look - from the bright pink walls to the jaunty bows adorning each armchair. The cafe boasts a whole range of desserts that can only be described as adorable: after all, who could resist Hello Kitty-shaped waffles and cakes?

Coffee lovers aren't left out - you'll definitely get a Hello Kitty mug topped with matching foam art.

5. Lab Made, Hong Kong

Photo: Lab Made's Facebook page

When it comes to liquid nitrogen ice cream, the folks at Lab Made certainly know their stuff. This innovative Hong Kong brand whips up bold and unique flavours like Liu Sha Custard, Tim Tam Chocolate and Ribena Apple Sorbet; needless to say, this isn't your grandma's ice cream shop.

Best of all, the flavour selection changes every 2 weeks, so there's always some sinful new combination to try. Ice cream fiends, what are you waiting for?

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