5 places to escape the haze on a budget

Traces of white clouds and blue skies are visible now as the suffocating haze seems to have receded. But as the past month has shown, the haze likes playing peek-a-boo with us - now you see it, now you don't.

This time round, Malaysians also have to deal with another "hazy" condition: the depleting spending power of our ringgit - or as one clever person coined: the "shringgit". But hey, there are some places left on Earth where we won't burn a hole in our pockets like the hole in the ozone layer.

Here's our pick of five affordable places around the region to escape hazy conditions in the next "time of the year".

Photo: Reuters

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An might not be a familiar name. But as far as graceful lifestyle and history are concerned, this is THE Vietnamese venue to check out.

This delightful destination was once a major port. Remnants of those old golden age are still evident - from the grand architecture to the charming riverside.

The old town is a well-preserved fishing village today with barely any signs of traffic or pollution. Walking around, you'll find Japanese merchant houses, Chinese temples and quaint tea warehouses.

Best of all, Hoi An is quite cheap to visit - even by Vietnamese standards. And hotels, despite their low star levels, are well furnished with comfortable amenities included. Apart from that, food and beverage are also affordable.

The haze aside, it's a great respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Over in the foothills of northern Thailand is Chiang Mai, a venue long touted as a sanctuary. And a haven is exactly what you need to recharge from the bad haze. With picturesque landscape and age-old traditions, the city offers a dynamic blend of sights, culture and history.

The city is surrounded by a moat and is filled with ancient temples. Beyond the historic centre though, you'll find a brewing creative atmosphere at the many shophouses.

Stay for about a week and fill your days with sightseeing, outdoor activities and of course - eating! Thai street food, Burmese curries and vegetarian health food are just some of the cuisines you'll find here.

When it comes to expenses, Chiang Mai is a great travel bargain. You can get a room at a three-star hotel for the price of a hostel in northern Europe. The majority of attractions - from refreshing waterfalls to temple tours - are either free or quite cheap. That will leave you plenty of cash to buy all your friends at home stuck with the haze some souvenirs.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Boracay Island, Philippines

Unlike the other places on this list, Boracay Island has almost zilch cultural sights. But it's a great destination for some rest and relaxation by the beach.

The White Beach - with its 4km-long of gorgeous white sands - is a postcard-perfect award-winning venue. Of course, you'll find many visitors here. For a little less crowd though, head north to the peaceful Diniwid Beach or east to Bulabog Beach with its welcoming community vibe.

Compared to places such as Phuket or Goa, Boracay Island is more mid-range. And you'll get plenty of bang for your buck when booking for a comfortable accommodation. As for dining, steer away from the beaches and you'll find many affordable dining establishments.

But if you'd like to catch the sunset by the sea, do look around. If you're lucky, you might find an all-you-can-eat buffet for a modest price.

Photo: Reuters

Yangon, Myanmar

Whether you call it Yangon or its old name Rangoon, it is Myanmar's largest city. Despite being an important commercial city, the presence of culture and tradition still stand strong.

Prime example here is the 'winking wonder' Shwedagon Pagoda. The dazzling Buddhist temple dominates the downtown skyline and attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Semi-official tourism boycott was lifted in 2012 and tourism infrastructures are still at an infant stage. That said, things for tourists are generally cheap. You'll find some of the cheapest dining options when you scour for street food.

The hotel scene is still relatively new. But some quick searches on the web should reveal comfortable accommodations with fair rates.

Bali, Indonesia

Bet you didn't see this coming - seeing how the haze originated from Indonesia. However, Bali has been left unscathed by smog from the peat fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan. It's a paradise that's worth visiting again and again.

Apart from the many splendid temples, Bali is also much celebrated for its exciting surfing and nightlife scene. Lose yourself in the chaos of Kuta and catch the intricate temple ceremonies.

There's no shortage of fantastic experiences at this island paradise. More than anything, it's easy to be enamoured by the friendly disposition of the locals.

Hotels - as long as you don't stay at 5-star properties - start at great low prices. Food and drinks are also affordable by most standards - with beer being the cheapest drinking option at many restaurants. In other words, Bali is a fantastic place to be merry.