5 secrets on how to prevent a kid-meltdown on a roadtrip

Ada Ee refused to cave in to the iPad and chose instead to create an activity kit, Dabber Dot Markers, that's both fun and educational. Below, her top 5 secret weapons to keep a child from throwing a temper tantrum on the road.

What's worse than being stuck in a bad traffic on a roadtrip? Being stuck in a bad traffic with a grumpy kid! Other than stocking up on the necessities such as diapers, wet wipes, etc and your kid's favourite sweets, chocolates and any snacks, here are some easy and fun activities (other than electronic devices) to prepare for your road trip!

1. Dabber Dot Markers

Dabber Dot Markers are fun, easy and mess fun to use. The ink from the markers have quick dry mechanism so you don't need to worry about waiting for the ink to dry after an activity is done. Just get yourself the marker sets which comes along with an activity pad.

There are also many free printables online that you can download and print before the road trip. Put all the printed activities into a binder so your child can flip through and do the activities plus, you can store them easily! No muss, no fuss!

2. Surprise Eggs

Put up your hands if your child likes surprises! Mine sure does, especially if they are in plastic eggs. You can buy them from any bookstore or convenient stores. Some of them come with both a snack and a toy.

A great distraction especially when your child is feeling grumpy from the long drive. If you want to save on some dollars, visit the dollar store and buy some reusable plastic eggs and pop some toys in. For the health-conscious parents, add some organic or healthy snacks to go along with the surprise eggs! You can get more ideas from Tastefully Frugal how to make your own surprise eggs!

3. DIY Portable Lego Kit

Photo: Pixabay

If your child is a Lego fan, don't forget to bring them along! It can keep them occupied for some time of the trip especially when they get restless. Feeling crafty? Make your own Lego Box using a old lunch box so your child can play and store the tiny pieces in one place.

To keep the pieces in one place, simply put the lego into a large zipper bag or disposable lunch boxes. Check out how to make your own DIY portable Lego Kit from Mama Papa Bubba.

4. Busy Wallet

I'm sure at some point in time, your child has gotten into your purse or wallet and have taken everything out. Get a old wallet and put in old and expired cards that you don't use anymore.

If you're slightly more creative, print out some money looking paper and stash them inside too! Great and simple alternative to busy bags and a sure way to get your child's attention. This fantastic idea from While He Was Napping.

5. Sticker Activity Books

Which child doesn't like stickers? Before your roadtrip, pop by a bookstore to pick up a few sticker books. You can consider sticker books with a travel theme or, get stickers books in your child's favourite characters.

Always works like a charm, the sticker books double up as a story book and your child can stick the stickers into the book depending on what the activity sheet calls for. If you're not sure which books to get, check out Rachel's Book Nook where she has 12 great suggestions for you!

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