5 tourist destinations to visit soon as they might not last much longer

If you're due to take a vacation soon, consider one of these destinations as they may not be around much longer.

1. The Dead Sea

Climate change is slowing the Jordan River which is the Dead Sea's source.

The sea is shrinking and may soon be a puddle.

2. The Great Barrier Reef

Human activity is killing off vital habitats. 

As soon as species start going extinct the whole system could collapse.

3. The Great Wall of China

Restorers are having a hard time keeping up with erosion.

If you see a vendor selling a brick from the wall, don't buy it.

4. The Grand Canyon

Mining and other human activities are causing the Grand Canyon to collapse.

It has been listed as endangered since 2015.

5. The Great Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids endure a lot of tourist traffic, but that's not the danger.

Climate change is wreaking havoc on the pyramids via erosion.

Cross these travel destinations off your bucket list while you still can! Visit them ASAP!