5 unusual things to do in Singapore during the June holidays

Long working hours in Singapore means that most of us would rather sleep in during the holidays to repay the dreaded sleep debt.

"There's nothing to do anyway," you mumble from under your warm nest of blankets.

Before you roll back into bed, pick up that phone and gather your friends.

Here are five unusual things you can try out on the sunny island - and no, they have nothing to do with shopping or eating.

1. U Escape, Timezone

Kids from the 90s will definitely remember Timezone as the after-school arcade hunt. Timezone has now teamed up with Breakout Kansas City to launch U Escape, the latest addition to the escape room craze in Singapore.

Players can choose from four different themed rooms at U Escape. Up to 10 players will be locked in the chosen room for an hour and they will have to figure out a way to crack puzzles, codes and obstacles to "escape".

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2. "About Mr Lee" tour by Tribe

Go on an experiential tour with Tribe to learn more about Mr Lee Kuan Yew's personal story.

The late Minister Mentor has garnered respect from the international community for his political legacy and contributions to the state. The tour aims at giving participants a glimpse of Mr Lee's personal life, chronicling his childhood, family and times his wife, Mdm Kwa Geok Choo.

According to Tribe, 10 per cent of monthly proceeds are donated to charity.

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3. Land and water sports

Keeping fit doesn't have to be a chore. There are seven PA Water-Venture (WV) outlets around the island where the adventurous can sign up for water activities. From kayaking to power boating, these outlets also offer courses for those interested in picking up a skill.

Those who prefer not to get wet can also try out abseiling and terrarium making workshops.

Here's a list of Water Venture sites:

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4. Brazilian Dreams

Music lovers, check out the one-night concert by Singaporean jazz stalwart Jeremy Monteiro at the Victoria Theatre on June 17.

Monteiro celebrates his 40th year in music this year with his latest bossa nova album, 'Brazilian Dreams'. Joining in on the vocals are Juliana Da Silva, international jazz artiste from Brazil from São Paulo, as well as Singapore's very own jazz songbird Melissa Tham.

The trio will be accompanied by Jazz Brasileiro - a 7-piece ensemble. The concert will feature tunes from the new album, including some Brazilian jazz classics and original instrumental compositions by Monteiro.

Tickets can be purchased here

5. Runninghour 2016

Imagine completing a five or 10km run with poor, or no vision at all. Runninghour is a mass running event which allows participants to run alongside visually, intellectually and physically-challenged runners.

Participants can also join the 'Blind Run' category where they have to run in pairs with one running blindfolded and the other assisting as a guide while connected by a tether band.

The event was launched to integrate people with special needs into the community through sports.

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