6 reasons to look forward to the opening of the Warehouse Hotel

Food, glorious food.

The last time I was at the space that will very soon be The Warehouse Hotel, it was for an Adidas party many years while I was still working in magazines.

For the longest time in recent years, it remained unoccupied, and when I found out that it'd be converted into a boutique hotel, my first thought was that it made complete sense. Here are some reasons to look forward to its opening.

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1. It is in an area with a fascinating history

Nowadays, Robertson Quay - located within a few minutes walk from the hotel - is known for being a dining and nightlife destination, but the space now occupied by The Warehouse Hotel used to be warehouse (obviously), also known as a "godown", in the 19th century, and was situated along a trade route that connected this region with the Straits of Malacca.

In the early 20th century, it was a hot bed of activity for secret societies and underground spirit distilling. Now who says Singapore history isn't exciting? We had illegal moonshine!

2. It's a few minutes walk from great food

You can be sure that I'll be recommending that my friends stay at The Warehouse Hotel the next time they stop by Singapore for a visit. Yes, it's close to really nice Japanese and Italian restaurants, but it's also not too far away from two awesome hawker centres, Zion Road Food Centre and Tiong Bahru Market, and the iconic Red Star Restaurant, which has affordable dim sum served the old-school way - from push carts.

3. It's owned by the Lo & Behold Group

They're also the people behind Overeasy, Odette, Black Swan and Extra Virgin Pizza so you just know they won't make a sloppy affair out of it.

4. The menu at its restaurant, Po, was crafted by Chef Willin Low

Chef Low, of course, needs little introduction. The founder of Wild Rocket basically spearheaded the "Modern Singaporean" ("Mod-sin") food genre, so I'm definitely interested to find out what tasty creations he's come up with for Po.

The cocktail concept at Po also sounds interesting. It's inspired by the building through its three phases of life: Rustic, spice-driven concoctions (from when the building was at the heart of the spice trade); house-crafted spirits (paying tribute to prohibited underworld distilleries); and fresh, "flirty" cocktails (from its most recent incarnation as an infamous disco).

5. Many of the elements here are locally sourced

Photo: Go Away

Including uniforms, bicycles, artwork, guidebooks and coffee & tea. #teamsingapore

6. The rooms look airy and spacious

The problem with some boutique hotels is that you feel like you're staying in little more than a broom closets. This won't be the case at The Warehouse Hotel, as its rooms are spacious and have high ceilings. The decor can be described as "industrial" but elements such as traditional rattan and natural leather add a homely, welcoming touch.

The Warehouse Hotel opens in December 2016. For more information and bookings, visit the hotel's website .


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