8 easy tips for enjoying your budget flight

With the Singapore Jubilee Weekend coming up, many of you have already planned your short getaways for that period, and undoubtedly many of those flights will be on budget airlines.

Budget flights have got to be one of the best inventions in the last decade - a no-frills flight that gets you to your destination without paying for the extras you don't need.

In fact, the money you save on travelling budget can even pay for some nicer perks such as a night at a fancy hotel on your holiday.

While having no free food, drinks and entertainment can make the flight a pretty boring one, there are always ways to get around it and make your flight a more enjoyable one.

GET.com shows you 8 easy ways of doing that:

1. Bring Your Own Snacks

For budget airlines that do not explicitly say you can't bring onboard your own snacks, you can try to take advantage of that to bring your own food and drinks onboard.

While it's difficult to hide or conceal hot food in your bag when they check, snacks are easily hidden. Bring some calorie-dense food if you think you are going to be pretty hungry. Bring snacks like muesli bars, dried fruits and nuts or a chocolate bar. These should keep your tummy filled for a short-haul flight.

2. Have A Heavy Meal Before You Fly

To avoid paying for sub-standard food while in flight, you can consider filling up your tummy before boarding the plane.

3. Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Join frequent flyer programs with the budget airlines of your choice and use your points to redeem flights and use your savings to purchase in-flight meals.

For example, AirAsia has its BIG programme where you can start redemptions with just 500 BIG points.

If you fly often with Tigerair, you can consider getting the Tigerair Platinum Credit Card issued by Standard Chartered.

4. Read A Book

To avoid spending money on in-flight entertainment, there are a few ways to keep yourself occupied (even productive) during flight time that you really don't need to pay just to watch a movie onboard a budget flight.

The age-old easiest way to keep our mind occupied or even smarter is to simply read a book. If you find it too much brainwork, opt for an easy-to-read magazine!

5. Play Games On Your Mobile Phone Or Tablet

This is one of the easiest ways to entertain yourself, specially since most of us already do it while commuting. Or you can even watch videos if you want. You'll need to have the videos previously downloaded though, and you should prepare extra battery, if possible.

6. Learn A New Language With An App

If you are going to a country which doesn't speak your language, using your flight time to learn some key phrases is a great idea! Again, make sure that your app does not need an internet connection. If it doesn't work without internet, buy a small phrasebook instead that's handy to carry in your bag.

7. Card Games

Playing card games is the best time to bond with family and friends. Bring a pack of card games along!

8. Write

Being on a plane forces you to sit still with no distractions from the noise and connectivity of your mobile devices. Make use of the chance to either start the journal you've wanted for ages, or start the first entry of your travel journal!

There you go, flying budget is not so bad after all!

This article was originally on GET.com here.