8 reasons why India should be on your travel list for 2016

India is an ever-changing country with a widely varied palette of culture and history. A visit to India is a visit to a most interesting part of the world with spectacular views and scenery.

India's ancient cultures and sleek modernity are seamlessly juxtaposed to transport visitors from one world to the next and back again.

Its people, food, and spices all blend together to create an extraordinary sensory experience like no other.

One example is the Lake Palace. It was once a place of worship to the Sun God in the 1700s, but has since been converted into a luxury hotel. Guests can savour the historic and spiritual atmosphere while luxuriating in the modern amenities while enjoying gourmet food and drink. The palace embraces history, modernity, and luxury all at the same time.

The amazing colours, sounds, and exquisite tastes of India provide many reasons to visit this interesting country.

For those who can't decide if India is for you, Insight Vacations shares the top 8 reasons why you should visit:

The Taj Mahal

One of the most magnificent monuments ever constructed in the world. The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, completely befallen with grief after his beloved wife died, decreed the monument built in honour of her memory and also serves as her eternal tomb.

The Lake Palace

Once used as a place of worship to the Sun God because of its position facing east, this former palace is now one of the most luxurious hotels in India, and has attracted stars of the silver screen and well known political figures. Stay in the Palace when you travel on Insight Vacation's 'Colours of Rajasthan' itinerary.

The Red Fort

Another remnant of Emperor Shah Jahan's rule which once served as his palace fort, The Red Fort now stands as a landmark within Delhi. In recent times it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and on India's Independence Day every year the national Flag will be raised at the site followed by the President's speech.

The Holy Ganges River of Varanasi

Touted the holiest city in all the land, Varanasi is a must stop on any trip to India. There are a total of 87 ghats (river front steps) leading down into the Ganges which is said to be the most sacred river in all of India. It is also believed to have self-purifying qualities.

The Palace of the Winds

This honeycomb window structure was built at the turn of the century by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, and was used as a point for the ladies of the house to observe the outside without being seen. Is it best viewed during the early hours of sunrise.

The Exotic Dances

Indian dance has long had its historical significance, even dating back to times preceding BC. There are 8 recognised traditional dance forms in India, and to feast your eyes on a performance is truly magical. Enjoy a colourful performance at the Leela Palace when you travel on Insight Vacation's Imperial Rajasthan itinerary.

The Spices

The outdoor markets and spice vendors impart the experiences of gracious cultural warmth and awesome beauty combined. Cumin, Cardamon, Coriander, or Fenugreek, take home some of these aromatic spices back to your own kitchen and create a dish that will enlighten all the senses.

The Food

Among the various cuisines in India, the world-class vegetarian gourmet food is some of the best imaginable. All of the flavours of India astound the senses and invigorate one's enthusiasm for fine cuisine. Even the street food is interesting and delicious.